ZAP Consulting Limited and its contractors (“ZAP”) know how important the security and confidentiality of you and your clients' personal information is to you. We are subject to provincial and federal laws for the protection of personal information. We will take all the necessary measures to comply with these laws.

All individuals who will be the gatherers of information for the Integrity Hotline will adhere to the general privacy policies of ZAP.

The policy states the following:

"The personal information that we hold or will hold concerning you or your clients will be treated confidentially, and will be kept in a file opened for the purpose of allowing you to benefit from specific assistance products services. Information gathered will only be consulted on by ZAP’s personnel and contractors who require access in the course of their duties, according to the terms and conditions of the agreement signed between your company and ZAP.

You may have access to your file and request that information that you prove to be incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous, outdated or unnecessary, be corrected, completed, made clear and/or brought up to date. You must then send a written request to the person in charge of the protection of personal information 3089 Dufferin Street, PO Box 58106, Toronto, Ontario, M6A 3C8."

Additional Information for Web Site Users

Here are a few additional details for Web users about how we gather, use, and transmit information:

ZAP’s Integrity Hotline is a portal that transfers information from the user (informant), and ZAP makes every attempt to purge it of personal identifiers, if requested by the informant, before transferring the incident tip to your company. Personal information i.e., information relating specifically to the informants: name, address, or email. This personal information will only be supplied to your company when the informant provides consent of their own free will or court order.

ZAP may gather information for statistical purposes, for instance, to determine the relative popularity of each site page, the average number of pages accessed per visitor, and the average time each visitor spends on the site. None of this information is linked to you as an individual visitor. We use it only for in-house audit purposes and to help us improve our site.

Changes to the Policy

ZAP reserves the right to alter this policy at any time.