Integrity Hotline

Integrity Hotline™ Mission Statement:

Integrity Hotline

We provide organizations and their communities with a professional, anonymous, transparent, reporting mechanism to aid in the deterrence of, fraud, corruption, abuse and non-compliance, as well as in taking positive praise feedback for organizations. Integrity Hotline™ aids in encouraging the organization’s community confidence, while assisting organizations in achieving positive corporate governance, with fairness, transparency and professionalism.

What is Integrity Hotline™

Integrity Hotline™ is a vehicle of communication for relaying information related to misappropriation or misuse of an organization’s assets (including financial) and/or unethical issues in relation to the organization’s or government mandate regulations (including codes of conduct issues, human resource, work place health and safety concerns, etc). Integrity Hotline™ also provides for informants to provide positive valuable feedback to organizations.

Why use Integrity Hotline™

Due to the mandated government regulations for publicly traded corporations (MI-52-110 in Canada and Sarbanes Oxley 301 in the United States) anonymous reporting mechanisms are a must, not an option. Non-publically traded organizations have to weigh public concerns/perceptions and their potential fraud risk in their decision to actively take the “informant” into account and set up an anonymous tips hotline.

As well as providing professional intake services, ZAP also provides Integrity Consulting and 3rd party Integrity Commissioner Services for Canadian organizations.

Outsourcing the hotline and/or complaint analysis services is often a much cheaper alternatives then operating these services internally and provides an expertise that is more often than not, unavailable in-house or too expensive to retain. Integrity Hotline™ provides:

  • Informants with a feeling of confidence that their identities are being kept confidential
  • Professionally customized intake questionnaires, designed for each organization, with the ability to track trends and manage cases
  • Quality assurance and automated reporting available to be sent to the necessary department(s)
  • Cost efficient and cheaper implementation costs than an in-house system, with a secure web, reporting options
  • Assistance with communication and marketing of the hotline, and where needed investigation counseling

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