Why Work With Us?

We produce cost effective veritable work products.
We provide the up most discretion to our clients.
We take pride in our dedication to our unbiased work products.

ZAP has been serving the litigation profession since 2004. ZAP has been retained by some of Toronto’s major law firms to review and analyse financial and written evidence, deliver and present reports on findings, and provide expert testimony in judicial settings. Under the leadership of its founder, Athena Mailloux, ZAP has carved its niche in bringing clarity to complex, volumous cases of: fraud, deception and misappropriation.

Launching in 2010 ZAP has expanded its service offering in include, Integrity Hotline (TM pending), a professional 3rd party anonymous tips intake services, educational awareness training and, Integrity consulting and commissioner services.

ZAP has differentiated itself from other firms by staying tune to its fundamental values: Professionalism, Accuracy, Integrity, and Discretion.